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Indian Consul General pays a coutersy call on Can Tho city leader.

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Indian Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City, Dr. Madan Mohan Sethi, pays a courtesy call and has a working session with Can Tho city leader today. Vice Chairman of the City People's Committee Duong Tan Hien and representatives of related departments and agencies warmly welcome the Consul General and his delegation.


Dr. Sethi started his tenure in Ho Chi Minh City in September, and has visited Can Tho City before with the Indian Ambassador to Vietnam recently. The Indian diplomat expresses his enthusiasm in collaboration with Can Tho City in different sectors, including commerce, education, healthcare, tourism, and agriculture. In particular, Dr. Sethi says he is planning to bring a delegation of Indian businesses to Can Tho City after COVID-19 is over. In addition, the Consul General is also willing to support Can Tho students, lecturers, officials, as well as medical experts and staff to study in India.


On behalf of the city leaders, Vice Chairman Duong Tan Hien briefs the basic local information for Dr. Sethi, and highlights that Can Tho is the economic, education, healthcare, cultural, politics, and social center of the Mekong Delta. The city's export strength includes agricultural products, namely rice, fruits and aquaculture products. Since 2015, Can Tho City has collaborated with Indian Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City to organize International Yoga Day. Besides, the City has received support from the Consulate General to send officials to study in short courses in India. The City leader also expresses his appreciation to Indian partners who have provided technical assistance, machinery, and human resources management for Mekong Delta Rice Institute, which is one of the key research centers in Can Tho and the region.


The Vice Chairman also informs the Consul General of tourism development in Can Tho City. In 2019, the number of tourists visiting the City was 9 million, and in 2020, due to the impact of COVID-19, the figure was only 60% of that one in 2019. However, the City has had plans, resolutions, and projects for tourism development so that after the pandemic is controlled, tourism will recover soon and continues to be one of the key industries of the City.


Vice Chairman Duong Tan Hien states clearly the sectors of education, healthcare, and IT to be some of the priorities of Can Tho to collaborate with Indian partners. He also mentions projects calling for investment from Indian businesses, namely IT Integrated Center, hi-tech agriculture, and logistics center. The City leader assigns Department of Foreign Affairs to be the contact point for communicating with Indian Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City, and Investment Promotion Agency the contact point for business networking with Indian partners.


In the afternoon, Dr. Sethi is scheduled to work with Can Tho Investment Promotion Agency for further collaboration in investment and trade.

Quách Thanh Trúc, photo: Hong Phuong

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